Not Just Another Form Builder. An Application Development Framework

Action Form was built to act like the base for all your user interactions regardless of what you’re building with DNN. Anything that requires a form submission can be created with Action Form in no time.

Modern and Responsive

Built on top of popular Bootstrap, looking sleek and taking advantage of built-in responsive capabilities.

Easy to use

Ultra friendly interface. It takes minutes to set up even complex forms with little to no technical skills.

Extensibility and Integrations

Can be extended with new actions, controls and more. Dozens of integrations available out of the box.


True Drag & Drop

Using a simple AJAX admin console it takes minutes to setup the most complex forms

Multi Column Layouts

You can place multiple fields on same row and easily drag and resize fields to control layout

Custom Layouts

If the drag & drop layout mechanism is not enough, you can manually build the layout using an HTML template

Data Binding Layer

Data binding runs on the client side to dynamically show/hide form fields, compute values from existing form data

Bind Values

Action Form dynamically computes the value, visibility and on change handler to fields

Expressions Engine

New expressions engine allows more complex, C# style, syntax in the Condition field for fields and actions

My Tokens Integration

If My Tokens is installed, Action Form will call it to replace tokens in HTML texts, email recipients, subjects and bodies.

Action Grid Integration

Action Form integrates with Action Grid enabling the management of the submitted Action Form entries from different forms

Multiple Add-ons

Action Form is powerful, but the 16+ available extensions raise its power level to the sky!

XSL Template Engine

The forms are rendered using XSL templates. This means you have full control over the layout and styles

Bootstrap Template

We've recompiled Twitter Bootstrap to make it compatible with DNN and give our forms a modern look and feel

Extensible Framework

You can easily extend Action Form with new form fields, actions and validators just from config files

Country, Region Controls

These are linked directly to DNN Lists in the database. If a region field comes exactly after a country field then they are linked together

Events and Actions

Action Form is all about actions! Attach a list of actions to events such as submit. The actions are executed in that particular order

Multi Step Submits

Action Form can stop execution of actions to ask for user input before returning control back to the server and continue with the rest of the actions

Predefined Fields

Action Form comes with some predefined fields that you can just choose; additionally, you can create your own predefined fields and place them in the Config folder under Desktop Modules

Conditional Action

Write a condition that will determine at submit time either the action will get executed or not. The condition is a My Tokens expression that returns true/false

Customize Appearance

With Action Form, you can customize the look and feel of your form to help it blend in with your site design, from changing the form background, to choosing the text color and padding

Link Two Dropdowns

With this option you can link any 2 multiple choice controls together, so when one changes, the options in the other change

Server Request Action

This action replaces the POST Data and supports multiple HTTP methods and HTTP headers

Regex Parsing Action

This feature was implemented once with Action Form 3.2 and is very useful for extracting data from a Server Request

Redirect Actions

With this option you can link any 2 multiple choice controls together, so when one changes, the options in the other change

PayPal Integration

Action Form integrates with PayPal to collect one time payments or recurring payments before granting access to the resource

Complex Control

Action Form can easily support more complex controls, such as the Rich Text control or the date picker field. More can be created in the config files

Load User into Context

A form runs in the context of a user. It could be the current user performing the submit or it could be the result of other actions. This lets you manually set a user

Execute SQL Queries

Action Form can be configured to execute SQL Queries with the form data and stores the output for use in other actions. Optionally it can load multiple columns at once

Inject Data into Context

This action lets you add data to form manually. This is very useful for example to add data that is specific to the button that was clicked

Update User Profile

This action will automatically match form field with user profile settings and update them accordingly

Revoke Roles Action

Action Form allows you to revoke the specified security role from a user

Integrate Multiple Forms

Think for example about building a wizard by saving the form state then loading back in the next form

Send Emails

This action will send an email to the user or to an arbitrary list of recipients. Optionally attach a list of files, which can be existing files or files that were uploaded with the form

Predefined Validators

Action Form already comes with a few common validators, such as email format validation, web address validation, number validation and check that an username is available among others

Custom Validators

Action Form has an extensible mechanism to create validations based on regular expression, SQL queries or .net assemblies. These are configured in the XML configuration files

Group Validation

Action Form supports validating a group of controls at once. There is one group validator that requires that at least one field in a group is filled in and valid

Web Service Validation

This is a group validator that can be configured in the XML configuration (sample included). On submit, it will call a web serivce to validate the input

Captcha Protection

This option allows protecting the form from automated submissions. Action Form uses DNN Captcha control, so make sure this is configured properly

Permissions Grid

Action Form's highly granular permissions system allows you to efficiently manage permissions for different roles. It's an easy to grasp overview of what a role can do on your portal

Setup Security Roles

On successful submission, Action Form can be configured to grant additional roles to the user useful to unlock specific functions or content. Optionally, each role can be configured with an expiration interval

Make HTTP Request

This option allows integrating with other systems, such as CRM applications. Action Form will post data to given URL using customizable named parameters

Skip Validation

If a validation fails but you want to proceed anyway, add this action to the 'validation failed' event

Button Group Control

This option is useful when you have multiple buttons and need to align them together

Re-Post Data

This action will resubmit the form to another URL from the client side, so it's just as the user had submitted to that URL in the first place


Powerful Extensions To Leverage The Full Potential Of Action Form

DNN Campaign Monitor Add-on

If you haven't started working on an email marketing strategy yet, stop what you're doing and get on it for your DNN portal using the extremely popular Campaign Monitor service.

DNN MailChimp Add-on

Supercharge your email marketing efforts and turn your DNN portal into a marketing leads generation machine.

DNN Page Actions Add-on

If you’ve been frustrated assigning roles and setting restrictions for managing DNN pages in the past, prepare to be surprised at how easy it can be with DNN Page Actions Add-on.

DNN Module Actions Add-on

You can finally relax about assigning roles and setting restrictions for managing DNN modules.

Job Application Add-on

Running a job application inside DNN has never been easier!

DNN Advanced Search Add-on

If you’re looking for better DNN search, this extension is simply the best way to go.

DNN Constant Contact Add-on

Add subscribers to your Constant Contact mailing lists directly from any Action Form forms

DNN Clickatell Add-on

Send business SMSes from DNN straight to the phones in your customers pockets!

My Action Form Uniqueizer Add-on

Prevent multiple form submissions, based on e-mail address and display a personalized error message.

DNN Salesforce Add-on

The solution of choice for DNNizens that are looking to integrate their sales, support and marketing processes with the powerful Salesforce CRM application.

DNN Authorize.Net Add-on

Process credit card payments and e-checks with Authorize.Net right on your DNN portal.

DNN PDF Generator Add-on

Create and email PDF documents from your DNN portal using form data captured from Action Form.

DNN Electronic Signature Add-on

Capture signatures online by allowing users to sign Action Form powered forms using their mouse to draw the signature or their finger on touch devices.

DNN PayPal Add-on

Process credit card payments with PayPal without having to experience redirecting customers to paypal.com.

DNN Podio Add-on

Build a centralized collaborative work platform for managing projects, workflows, sales and teams by integrating your DNN portal with Podio platform.

DNN Aweber Add-on

Start building trackable Aweber subscriber lists filled with Action Form applicant data from your DNN portal in just a few minutes

DNN Excel Generator Add-on

Create Excel spreadsheets for easy management and third-party imports using data captured with DNN Sharp's modules

DNN Stripe Add-on

Accept instant credit card payments through Stripe right on your DNN portal

EasyDNNnews Add-on

Make DNN Sharp's modules and EasyDNNnews talk to each other in a jiffy

Hotcakes Add-on

Add products directly into Hotcakes shopping cart by means of DNN Sharp’s modules

Social Media Integration Add-on

Smooth integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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