Ridiculously Good-looking Grids For DNN Data-rich Applications

Action Grid enables the integration of powerful tables from multiple sources into DNN projects, providing a simple, yet flexible means of displaying data in a tabular format.

Manage Data From Any Source

Display data in a tabular format out of the box from each of the following data sources: Action Form forms, Database table, SQL Query

Integrated with Action Form

Manage the submitted Action Form entries from different forms, filtering, sorting, searching for records, editing records or deleting records

Responsive and Touch Friendly

The most trending topics in web are with Action Grid. The data grid fits to any screen size and is swipe-able on touch capable devices


Data Filtering

Action Grid has the option to reduce data to a smaller, viewable subset that provides the user with the means of hiding rows that do not satisfy a specified criteria.

Customizable Pagination

Action Grid provides flexible controls on page view navigation, allowing users to move between pages, and the number of rows to be displayed can be selected, feature most useful for large numbers of rows.

Touch Experience

Action Grid gives an effortless and natural user experience by delivering state-of-the-art, true multi-touch performance for tablets and other touch-enabled devices.

Flexible Layouts

Action Grid allows admins or end users to set different templates (Grid, Listing & Carousel) for desktop and mobile devices.

Sorting Capabilities

Action Grid allows the user to sort alphabetically, ascending or descending by clicking on the column headers.

Inline Editing

The inline editing functionality allows end users to edit each individual item in a row or the entire grid.

User Friendly

Action Grid has many user-friendly features that allow additional information to be displayed, such as row and field tooltips and error messages. It also allows various icons customization.

Action Form Data Source

Action Grid seamlessly integrates with Action Form, allowing querying, editing and deleting Action Form submitted data.

Database Table Data Source

Action Grid connects to database tables, which opens new possibilities, such as building management modules for existing DNN entities (users, pages), or for custom tables.

SQL Query Data Source

The SQL Query data source in Action Grid fills the need of managing data that comes from multiple tables or built using complex statements.


A brand new feature that helps users set up the grid in no time from a local or external database table.

Form Builder

Action Grid is shipped with a visual form designer that allows you to build and deploy forms inside the grid fields in no time.

Events and Actions

Action Grid allows attaching a list of actions to events such as deletion. The actions are executed in that particular order.

Extensible Framework

With dozens of actions out of the box, Action Grid also provides an extensible framework for developers to build on custom actions.

Link to

With this option you can link any multiple choice controls together, so when one changes, the options in the others change as well.

Redirect Actions

When an event occurs, Action Grid can be configured to redirect to a page or document from current portal or an arbitrary URL.

User and Roles Action

Action Grid allows you to grant or revoke the specified security role from a user and update user profile when an event occurs.

Send Emails

This action will send an email to the user or to a specific list of recipients. Optionally, it can be set up to attach a list of files.

Execution Context

This is done manually with Load User and Inject Data actions or automatically by various other actions.

Execute Custom SQL Queries

Action Grid can be configured to execute SQL Queries with the grid data and stores the output for use in other actions. Optionally, it can load multiple columns at once.

Conditional Actions

With Action Grid, conditions can be written (My Tokens expressions, C# Boolean expressions) that will determine whether the action will get executed or not.

.CSV Export

Action Grid allows you to convert grid data in downloadable .CSV files that can be easily exported.

Execute Token Action

This action employs My Tokens, where the stored content can use business logic that generates and saves data.

Server Request Action

This feature allows grid data posts to a different server, supporting multiple HTTP methods and HTTP headers. The response can be parsed with a Regex action.

Grid Buttons

Action Grid allows you to add custom grid buttons that can be used to implement bulk actions, perform related tasks or run custom JavaScript code.

Template Fields

This feature allows you to create your content that references existing Data Source fields using token syntax, e.g. [FieldName].

Formula Fields

This feature allows you to compute a numeric value by referencing grid fields and tokens.

Item Buttons

The buttons are shown for each item in the list or grid view. You can define multiple actions to be executed when the button is clicked and run custom JavaScript code.

Customizable Columns

Action Grid allows you to define the number of columns in the list view to be displayed on different screen sizes.


Action Grid uses the recommended practices for keeping all your data safe and preventing any unauthorized access.

Best Practices

Action Grid tries to ensure a smooth and conflict-free integration with any DNN skin or module by implementing the development best practices.


Since Action Grid is fully responsive, the tabular data will adapt to any screen size, so the grid will look good on any device.


Powerful Extensions To Leverage The Full Potential Of Action Grid

DNN Podio Add-on

Build a centralized collaborative work platform for managing projects, workflows, sales and teams by integrating your DNN portal with Podio platform.

DNN PDF Generator Add-on

Create and email PDF documents from your DNN portal using form data captured from Action Form.

DNN Excel Generator Add-on

Create Excel spreadsheets for easy management and third-party imports using data captured with DNN Sharp's modules

DNN Stripe Add-on

Accept instant credit card payments through Stripe right on your DNN portal

EasyDNNnews Add-on

Make DNN Sharp's modules and EasyDNNnews talk to each other in a jiffy

Hotcakes Add-on

Add products directly into Hotcakes shopping cart by means of DNN Sharp’s modules

Social Media Integration Add-on

Smooth integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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