Optimize your DNN portal to save you a lot of time performing mundane time-consuming web-maintenance tasks that would otherwise be done by you or your team. The more you can set on autopilot the better.

Workhorse Productivity Tool

What you need to serve as a master controller for the bits and pieces you want to automate on your website. With it, you can schedule complex activities to happen in the background of your DNN portal on a scheduled basis.

DNN Schedule Migration

If you have specific tasks added to the DNN schedule, don’t worry, with Sharp Scheduler you’ll be able to migrate them.

Extensions Framework

Sharp Scheduler can be extended and customized as per your own needs from a minor utility that carries a simple task to a full-blown application that performs many complex actions..


Interval Triggers

These triggers fire under a time interval, starting from a specific date and time.

Application Events

These triggers fire once on application start/end, at the beginning/end of every request.

Database Triggers

When data is inserted, updated into or deleted from a database table this class of triggers can be configured to fire..

Cron Triggers

These triggers use advanced Cron Expression syntax to specify firing schedules.

User Created Trigger

This trigger fires performing the advanced tasks you've configured when a new user is created.

One-Time Triggers

These triggers fire once at a specified date and time..

POP Mail Triggers

These triggers allow the user to fire the cron each time an email is received.

Run Executables

Sharp Scheduler can be configured to run an executable on the server.

Send Emails

This action will send an email to a list of recipients. Optionally attach a list of files.

Execute SQL Queries

When a trigger fires, it executes the specified SQL query, optionally storing the output for use in other actions.

Post Data

Sharp Scheduler integrates with other servers, posting data to the given URL.

Persistent Job State

With this option the schedule is saved in the database, so it's persistent on application restart.

Search Boost Integration

This feature allows granular indexing of rules, documents, folders and pages with Search Boost.

My Tokens Integration

If MyTokens is installed, Sharp Scheduler will call it to replace tokens in places such as SQL Queries or Cron Expression.

Extensions Framework

You can easily extend Sharp Scheduler with new types of triggers, actions and services (that run triggers).

Execute Method

Sharp Scheduler can invoke a method via reflection with parameters.

Execute PowerShell Scripts

Sharp Scheduler can help you run a PowerShell script.

Manually Run Jobs

This option permits the execution of a task manually.

Invoke Jobs via API

This feature allows you to run a job via Web Service.

Schedule History

Sharp Scheduler provides logging capabilities for your schedules.

Impersonation Context of a Portal and User

Once this option is enabled, Sharp Scheduler will run a job as if you were running it on that portal being logged in with that user.

Misfire Instructions

This option determines what should be done if the precise time when the trigger should have been fired is missed.

Clone Jobs, Actions, Triggers

Using this function makes it fast to create many jobs, actions or triggers that are similar.

Delete User Action

Want to delete a user, including from the database or not? With this action, it's one click away!

Grant/Revoke User Role

Sharp Scheduler allows you to grant/revoke the specified security role for/from a user.

Regex Parsing Action

This feature was implemented with the release of Sharp Scheduler 1.1 and is very useful to process data received from external sources.

AES and RSA Encryption

These actions let you encrypt/decrypt data with AES and RSA according to a selected algorithm.

Server Request Action

With Sharp Scheduler 1.1 this action is extended to allow different HTTP methods and specifying HTTP Headers.

Migration of DNN Schedule

You can import DNN jobs with Sharp Scheduler. Multiple DNN Jobs can be executed at once.


Powerful Extensions To Leverage The Full Potential Of Sharp Scheduler

DNN Podio Add-on

Build a centralized collaborative work platform for managing projects, workflows, sales and teams by integrating your DNN portal with Podio platform.

DNN PDF Generator Add-on

Create and email PDF documents from your DNN portal using form data captured from Action Form.

DNN Excel Generator Add-on

Create Excel spreadsheets for easy management and third-party imports using data captured with DNN Sharp's modules

DNN Stripe Add-on

Accept instant credit card payments through Stripe right on your DNN portal

EasyDNNnews Add-on

Make DNN Sharp's modules and EasyDNNnews talk to each other in a jiffy

Hotcakes Add-on

Add products directly into Hotcakes shopping cart by means of DNN Sharp’s modules

Social Media Integration Add-on

Smooth integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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