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SEO URL Rewriter

URL Adapter takes on some rather complex concepts such as usability, SEO or redirect workflows and builds a new interface that Everyone can understand!

Increase in Usability for Web Users

Clean URLs that are much easier to read, remember, type or share. Easier to anticipate.

Meaningful URLs

User and SEO friendly URLs with keywords, not gibbering numbers and punctuation marks.

Increase in Maintainability for Webmasters

Avoid mistakes resulting in broken links, given the obscurity of dynamic URLs.


Safely Replaces Other URL Rewriters

With URL Adapter, removing your old URL rewriter is simple. You just need to install URL Adapter from Host>Extensions and it will take care to remove the default URL Rewriter.

SEO and Human Friendly URLs

URL Adapter automatically generates clear and understandable URLs which encourage people to click on your listing and search engines to better understand your content.

Custom URLs

Additionally, create custom URLs for each page. Define which is the preferred URL and optionally enforce all the others to point to the this URL using 301 or 302 redirects.

URLs from Page Name, Title or Description

For SEO purposes it's better to use long descriptive links, but you don't what long names in menus. URL adapter addressed this allowing building the URLs from Page Title or Description as well.

HTTP Logging

Using this option you can log the HTTP errors such as 404 not found or 500 internal server error in order to see which URL went to a 404 or 500 page and for how many times.

Advanced Rules

This feature allows you to write rules that match directly on URLs. You can specify which part of the URL to match, such as: domain, relative URL, alsolute URL, query string, schemeless URL.

404 Error Page

URL Adapter can be configured to replace the current 404 page with a custom one.

Debug Logging

With this option URL Adapter generates detailed information about what happens behind the scenes.

Relative or Absolute URLs

Once with URL Adapter 1.3 we’ve added an option to choose either to generate relative or absolute URLs.

CSV Import/Export

This feature allows you to import and export advanced rules to and from URL Adapter Administration Console. You can import hundreds, even thousands of rules using one file.

URL Adapter Works Side by Side with DNN URL Provider

Pages can be accessed with both URLs generated by URL adapter and by DNN URL Provider. Select which one you prefer and optionally enforce that with a 301 or 302 redirect.

Fast and Easy to Setup

The intuitive user interface of URL Adapter allows you to rewrite your URLs to benefit search engine rankings in just few minutes. Our secret sauce is AngularJs and Twitter Bootstrap.

Friendly User Pages

Interested in seeing what /activity/feed?userId=123 is up to? Or you prefer /users/mike instead? This format also applies to subpages such as messages, friends, profile and so on.

Choose a URL for Homepage

The problem is that DNN lets you access the page under root /, under /Default.aspx, or under /Home.aspx. URL Adapter let's you define which on you prefer and optionally enforce that with a 301 or 302 redirect.

URLs With or Without the aspx Extension

Choose whether you want aspx extension in your URLs. Optionally enforce that with a 301 or 302 redirect. Note that extensionless URLs may not work on your IIS, so check before enabling.

301 and 302 Redirects

Search engines specifically states the importance of avoiding duplicate content. A 301 redirect comes in very handy in eliminating this issue.

Option to Force Lowercase

Cenerate the URLs in lowercase. Although IIS is not case sensitive, this is good practice as some search engines may think of pages in various case as being different.

Ignore Accents Option

Convert accents to their Latin equivalent in the URLs. Most browsers support having accents in the URL, but in some countries that is not common practice and the Latin equivalent is preferred.

Replace Space and Punctuation

This feature allows you to choose how to replace punctuation and white space in URLs or just remove it all. Note that is good practice for SEO to have a separator and usually that is a dash -.

Choose Path Separators

Using this option you can choose what separator you want in order to make your URLs SEO-friendly. The common separator is the forward slash /.

Multi-Language Compatible

URL Adapter integrates with DNN language mechanism. It puts the language code ad the beginning of the friendly URLs similar to how the standard URL provider does.

Fallback Measures

Disable URL Adapter or even reset all settings to the default, including switching back to the DNN provider via an API URL.

Enabled/ Disabled Option

Once with URL Adapter 1.3 we’ve implemented the ability to enable/disable URL Adapter so you can switch to DNN Friendly URL at any time.

Enforce Special Pages

This option allows you to enforce Terms Page, Privacy Page, Login Page, Logout Page, Register Page so there's only one friendly version called for example "/terms" and not "/home?ctl=terms".

Multiple Integrations

URL Adapter integrates with some of the biggest names in the DNN blogs, news and directories modules scene such as: SubBlogNuke, EasyDNNnews, News Article, DNNInfo Classifieds and Property Agent.

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